Stochastic Resonance
Book Editorial & Design, Artwork Design, Packaging Design, Generative Illustrations, Music Production
Music Release
6 Digital EPs
EPs released weekly for 6 weeks from Nov 11 2022
Double Audio Cassette
2 x 70min Cassettes
Housed in transparent snapbox with 135 g/m² matte imprinting paper
edition of 25
200 pages
A5 size, 160g/m2 internal pages, 400g/m2 paperback cover
edition of 50

111122 is a project conceived from the desire to celebrate the 11 years of activity of artistic research network Stochastic Resonance (SR), together with some of the artists who have contributed to its development over the years. And that it could thus stand as a witness to the network's work and dedication over the past 11 years and to celebrate its future projects.

The title refers to the date November 11th, 2022, which marks the exact 11th anniversary since the first event/release, 1111011 "Beginning Afterwards," which, on November 11th, 2011, enshrined the birth of the Stochastic Resonance project as a network of artists, engineers, graphic designers and creatives in various fields of research that could explore the interconnections between music, emerging technologies and human perception.

In line with SR's modus operandi, 111122 is proposed as a multimedia work, unfolding both digitally and physically, with a compilation of 19 previously unreleased tracks – published in 6 digital EPs and later merged into a single maxi-release – and a series of generative graphics employed for both the EP covers and promotional materials.

In the digital format the release was serialized into 6 digital EPs, released weekly for 6 consecutive weeks starting November 11. In the physical format, the audio tracks are engraved in a double music cassette, in a limited edition of 25 copies. The order of the tracks does not follow the temporal order in which they were released to more deeply mark the distinction between the two editions, and to provide a listening itinerary more in keeping with the cassette format.

The 111122 album is paired to a book, divided in two themed-sections, which contains a selection of the graphic permutations generated for the project and a catalog of the projects and works developed by Stochastic Resonance over the years.

The first section presents the generative art project, curated by Scual, behind the creation of the graphics for 111122's EPs. The book contains a careful selection of the graphic permutations generated by the algorithm and a showcase of the research and development work, with technical breakdowns, analysis of variables and procedural rules, and complemented by a series of large-format images.

The second part of the book comprehensively reconstructs the work of the last 11 years of Stochastic Resonance. A brief introduction by Lorenzo Ciciani and Dario Colozza, providing a glimpse of the identity and philosophy on which SR was established and evolved, is followed by a catalog of all releases, projects, and events curated from 2011 to 2022

111122 Book is published in a limited edition of 50 copies, in an A5 (14.8x21) format with high quality print, 300gr paperback cover and sew binding.

Art Direction
Software Development
Video Production
Print Production
Digital Production

a project by Stochastic Resonance

Music by: Giulio Aldinucci, Anacleto Vitolo + Luca Buoninfante, Imok, Angelina Yershova, Curved Grooves, dTHEd, Ynaktera, Alexia Robbio, Fabio R. Lattuca, Marco Malasomma, Franz Rosati, Alessandro Ragazzo, BAG, IlSantoBevitore, Kenta Kamiyama, Camilla Pisani, Scual, M.K.R., Ghostphace, Stefano Tashi.

Artwork and design by Scual.

Mastering by Ynaktera, except for track Vite by Giulio Aldinucci, track Morticelli by Anacleto Vitolo, track Ego Chamber by Strati Studio, track ∂Յξ ヨჷȿ by dTHEd, track Apnea by Fabio R. Lattuca, track Ararat by Marco Malasomma.

Cover artwork fro Stochastic Resonance 111122 EP ACover artwork fro Stochastic Resonance 111122 EP BCover artwork fro Stochastic Resonance 111122 EP CCover artwork fro Stochastic Resonance 111122 EP ECover artwork fro Stochastic Resonance 111122 EP FCover artwork fro Stochastic Resonance 111122 EP DStochastic Resonance's 111122 album double cassette