HD Video Installation
1-ch Video / 4-ch Audio
7 min projection

experimentation and collaboration between different artistic languages ​​are the foundation on which it developed 1_mb67_11 project: an audio/video opera created by ynaktera – audiovisual artist, producer and performer – and scual – audiovisual artist, photographer and performer – both of them belonging to the collective stochastic resonance, an independent label that moves within the electronic experimental scenel. the starting point of their artistic research is the physical phenomenon of resonance stochastic according to which a signal at low volume gets louder and perceptible through the addition of other sounds, or even noise. the ultimate objective of this study is to propose works in which superposition of audio and video elements create a deep and accurate perception the work itself. both artists explore new forms of communication resulting from the fusion of different audio-visual languages both digital and electronic, in order to produce creations not classifiable within conventional labels, taking inspiration by scientific systems and mathematics.

the work for four hands, 1_mb67_11 (2012), was inspired by man ​​space exploration since 1961. in the second half of the twentieth century, ended the territorial wars and defined the political boundaries of individual nations that still exist, the human being has projected its aspirations to conquer towards the infinite spaces existing in the universe. starting from this premise, ynaktera and scual have developed this work proposing to fully involve the viewer through a cosmos journey, a place unknown to us, inhabited by countless stars, planets, asteroids and other celestial bodies. in the work, the music moves on minimal components consist of pure sinusoidal sounds while the rhytm is obtained by acoustic effects of very high frequency, in opposition to other lower and deeper. the graphic composition of the video is designed on simple and linear shapes to narrate a path that oscillates between the micro and the macro of science: from a string model, coming from the subatomic structures, up to figures that resemble clusters of celestial bodies.

La Pelanda
MACRO Testaccio

a project by scual and Ynaktera

Custom Software: scual Video Editing: scual Audio: Ynaktera

frame extracted from audio video installation 1_mb67_11_3frame extracted from audio video installation 1_mb67_11_3frame extracted from audio video installation 1_mb67_11_3frame extracted from audio video installation 1_mb67_11_3