Ending Beforewards

Stochastic Resonance
Audio/Video Dance Performance

Ending Beforewards is an experimental performance involving dancers and musicians in a delocalized jam session immersed in a setting made of projections and lights, in which the sounds of the individual instruments will be interpreted by the movements of the dancers, who in turn will influence the musicians in a loop of references and echoes.

This is thanks to the collaboration of Organic Systems, a collective that offers live performances derived from the mixture of audio, video and contemporary dance with the intention of laying the foundations for a new fruition of music and dance within a club setting.

Art Direction
Visual and Light Design
Software Development

a project by Stochastic Resonance and

Dance performance by Organic Systems (Luisa Esposito, Viviana Filippello, Daria Greco, Ylenia Monti)

Music by Ynaktera (Live Electronics), Gianluca Meloni (Synths), Elisa Pezzuto (Harp)

Visuals and lights by scual, Zephyr, Francesco di Felice