Slow Down

Live Audio/Video Performance

"Slow Down" is an audio/visual performance that explores the concept of cyclicity in human civilization. The performance, presented live at Klang in Rome, features musician Anacleto Vitolo, performing under the pseudonym K.lust, debuting his latest album.

With hypnotic rhythms as a metaphor for the alienation of modern society and historical courses that seem to repeat themselves in cycles, "Slow Down" highlights critical issues in today's society. The soundscape is a fusion of K.lust's previous album and the sharp and gritty sounds of the AV-K project, blending tribalism and modernity.

The generative three-dimensional visuals add another layer of complexity to the performance, generating intricate patterns that evolve through the space in response to the audio stimuli. This unique fusion of sound and visuals creates a mesmerizing experience that challenges the audience to reflect on the cyclical nature of human civilization and the impact of current societal issues.

Art Direction
Software Development

Music by K.lust Video by scual